Can’t Get Any Better

Who’s ready for spring?  And for it to stay?  Not this flip flopping back and forth between winter and spring.  But it is Minnesota and it is only April.  Growing up in Minnesota, you get used to getting teased by winter and spring.

One day it looks like this.

mable outside

And the next day it looks like this.


My boys had a day off from school Friday and we decided to drive up to Jay Cook State Park, which is about 10 miles southwest of Duluth.  It started out sunny and windy.  Then light snow.  No snow.  Suddenly, it was a blizzard.  All in a matter of 20 minutes traveling up 35N.  We were about ready to turn around and go home when the snow stopped and it was sunny again. We checked radar to see what the conditions were like ahead of us, and it looked good, so we continued on.  Crazy Minnesota weather.  But I wouldn’t live anywhere else.

We made it to Jay Cook State Park with no problems.

The St. Louis River runs through Jay Cook State Park and she was a raging!  It was awesome to watch the power of the river.



What a lovely day it turned out to be for walking through the woods.  It was sunny and windy, but the trees sheltered us from the severity of the wind.  Snow was lightly blowing around from off  the trees.  It was magical.


After hiking around the park, we continued on to Duluth.  We hung out at Canal Park for awhile and enjoyed the adventure of watching big waves, sea gulls and playing around on the beach.


Someone was feeding the sea gulls.  They were going crazy fluttering, swooping and dancing around.

dancing seagulls

We always seem to find adventure when we head outdoors.  No plans, we just go.  We play.  We rejuvenate.  We get inspired.  It can’t get any better than that.

my boys

This is life.  How we like to rejuvenate…our minds and our souls.

Thank you, Great Spirit.

What do you do to rejuvenate?

“I’m going to Duluth!”

Last weekend we went up to Duluth, MN to take a train ride from Duluth to Two Harbors.  It’s only about 20-30 minutes away by car but by train it was two hours.  It was a sightseeing trip and really fun.  We stopped in Two Harbors for a couple hours for lunch and whatever you wanted to do.  After lunch, we decided to walk on the shore of Lake Superior and look for agates (well I did) and the boys threw stones into the water.




We stayed overnight at the Edgewater Resort so the kids could swim at the water park.


The next day we stopped at Enger Park, suggested by my MIL.  It was a beautiful park up on the area known as Miller Hill, above the city.  Great views, beautiful gardens and a tower you could climb up known as Enger Tower.


We walked down a path that led to a park called Twin Ponds, because, well, it had two ponds.  What a pretty little park too!





If you ever visit Duluth, I would highly recommend seeking out this park.  It was so pretty.  I love visiting Duluth!

Thank you, Great Spirit.

How Do I Have a Teenager?

We had a special celebration this weekend!  I am now the mother of a teenager.  My son was counting down the days until he was no longer “a kid”.  Sorry, son, but you’re still a kid.  And in my eyes you’ll always be my baby.

Since mom hasn’t been feeling too well the last couple weeks, we had a quiet family celebration at home.  Next weekend he’s having a party with his friends and we’re inviting the rest of the family over to celebrate becoming a teenager.


My son loves Tiramisu and that was his cake of choice.  As always, I cut a piece off and put the candles on that piece so no one’s spitting all over the cake before every one else eats it.  🙂


I put flowers on the altar at church in honor of his birthday.  Our pastor announced that we had a new teenager at service and everyone sang Happy Birthday to him.

Let’s hope the teenage years are kind to mom!

Thank you, Great Spirit.

National Pancake Day

Today is National Pancake Day, at least according to IHOP.   This isn’t a sponsored post.  I was just curious about the origin of National Pancake Day and discovered pancakes have also played a role in traditions preceding Lent.  Somehow, IHOP must have adopted this particular date for National Pancake Day.

Apparently, pancakes were commonly eaten by many Christians on Shrove Tuesday, the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, as a way to prepare for Lent by using up dairy products that were forbidden to be eaten during Lent.  Pancakes also go back to Pagan traditions as their round shape symbolized the sun and were eaten to receive power, light and warmth from the sun, celebrating the coming of spring.  Mardi Gras, which means “Fat Tuesday” also originated as a way to prepare for Lent by eating fat, rich foods before the fasting rituals of Lent.


I like pancakes but I don’t LOVE them or crave them very often.  When I do eat pancakes I like them with fruit such as strawberries or blueberries.

I make pancakes at home and will throw in frozen blueberries or chocolate chips or cake decorating sprinkles.  My husband and kids like them with the sweet stuff in them.  My kids then eat them without any syrup which is probably good since they’re already eating extra sugar in the chips and sprinkles.  However, my husband dumps syrup and powdered sugar over his already sugar studded pancakes.  I just cringe watching him prepare his pancakes.

What’s your favorite way to eat pancakes?

Thank you, Great Spirit.

Too Short

I’m exhausted, I feel like crap and I literally can’t function today.  How’s that for a happy Monday?  I try to stay positive but I just can’t do it today.  Staying home and in bed even though there is so much I want to do and have to do.  I hope your week is starting off better!

too short

Thank you, Great Spirit.