TBT – Who Is He?

It’s Throwback Thursday!

We’re going to go down memory lane with a few items from the past.

See how many you remember.



Pop caps with the rubber lining.

I remember I used to like to pull these out of the cap.

hamburger helper


Hamburger Helper commercials introducing it in the 70′s.

cassette tapes

via Pinterest

Who used to buy packs of these and make mixed music tapes?

art contest


I used to love to draw these!

I can’t remember if they came out of magazines or the newspaper?

wall phone

Nadine German via Pinterest

We would buy the longest cord we could find so that we could

talk on the phone as far as it would stretch.

mr bill

Do you remember this fella’s name and what show he was from?

Thank you, Great Spirit.

Wednesday Hodgepodge – Meat or Veggie Lasagna?


1. “Summer is like childhood. It’s full of warm memories and gone too soon.”~Kellie Elmore  Agree or disagree? Share something you loved about the summers of your childhood.

Around these parts, summer is definitely gone too soon.

I guess it depends on your childhood as to whether it’s full of warm memories.  Some have more than others, I’m sure.  I wish children didn’t have to deal with situations like abuse, poverty, hunger and family dysfunction.  I think everyone finds a little spot of sunshine somewhere though.  Or at least I hope.

My favorite childhood summer memories are just hanging out with friends in the neighborhood, running around playing games and making our own fun.  I don’t really remember any specific things we played with, just making up our fun as we went along.

2. Are you a fan of auto racing-NASCAR, Indy, Stock, Grand Prix, etc? Ever been to a race in person? Any desire to do this?  Do you know a lot about cars? Do you notice particular makes and models when you’re out and about?

I am not a fan of auto racing probably because I was never really exposed to it.  I did go to one local race once and it was kind of fun.  But I think I could take it or leave it.

I used to love old cars and I’d attend the Back to the 50′s car show a lot.  I like the cars with the big fins on them.  My favorite is a 1956-57 Chev Bel-Air.  I used to dream of having one to restore.

Growing up, I was interested in watching my dad would work on our cars and my first husband was an auto mechanic.  I also took auto shop in high school so at one time I knew how to do some of the basic maintenance.  Cars are much more complicated today.

3. What’s something you think is too serious to be joked about? Or do you think anything and everything is fair game?

There are a lot of things that I think are too serious to joke about.  Recently, I heard that a comedian made some joke about something serious that had happened recently and it wasn’t taken very well.  He then apologized and said that sometimes humor is how he deals with things and that it was in poor taste to joke about it.  I remember it being a sincere sounding apology and I kind of understand his need for humor with a serious situation.

I sometimes laugh at inappropriate times because I get nervous or I don’t know how to deal with it.

4. July 29th is National Lasagna Day. Are you a fan? Do you have a great recipe, and if so where did it come from? If given a choice would you choose a plate of lasagna or a plate of spaghetti?

I heard that it was National Lasagna Day.  I do like lasagna and spaghetti.  I just kind of make up my own lasagna recipe as I go along, throwing in whatever veggies I have on hand.  I’d probably choose spaghetti if given a choice just because I don’t always like everyone’s lasagna.

5. What’s a simple pleasure you’d miss if it were not a regular part of your life?

Reading.  I really enjoy a good book and love to sit around and just read for as long as I can while immersing myself into another world..

6. If you could be the CEO of any company, which would you choose?

I have no desire to be the CEO of another company.  I wouldn’t mind being the CEO of my own company.  I pretty much am the CEO of our household!

7. August is just around the bend…bid farewell to July in exactly seven words.

Goodbye July, you went way too fast.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I’ve been out in the garden doing a lot of weeding.  I couldn’t even see the veggies the weeds were so high!  We’re starting to get Cherry tomatoes and I pulled two Roma tomatoes today.  Also kohlrabi, banana peppers, beans, beets, broccoli and lots of kale.

I never know when to pull the broccoli because I’m never sure how big it will get before it begins to flower.  Sometimes there will just be a little bunch and it will start to flower and other times there’s a bigger bunch.  Does anyone know how you’re supposed to know?

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What’s your favorite, meat or veggie lasagna?  Who makes your favorite lasagna?

Thank you, Great Spirit.

When Dogs Fly

Last weekend we stopped by one of our local city festivals for a while.  It was a hot day, but beautiful.

There was a competition for dogs going on that we sat down to watch for a bit.  The dogs had to run and jump for an object suspended in the air, landing in water.  Each dog had done a trial run before the competition to determine what distance they could jump.  The object in the air was suspended at the distance the dog was aiming for.






Of course we had to share a little snack while we watched!


What’s your favorite fair food?

Thank you, Great Spirit.

Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store

On Friday, I eluded to taking the kids to someplace every kid would like and I’m pretty sure this is true.

Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store!

I’ve lived in Minnesota my whole life and have never heard of this place.

How can that be?

I saw a story on the news about it and we immediately added it to our summer bucket list.  Of course candy trumps other activities!  You betcha!

It’s located less than an hour south of the Twin Cities on an apple farm.


The property has about a mile of yellow fence around it.  We knew we were coming up to it when we saw the yellow fence begin.



They’ve got every kind of candy imaginable and even some candy from the past that you don’t see around anymore.  There’s also a fun assortment of novelty items, baking mixes, pastas, dips and sauces.  The store also claims to be America’s Biggest Puzzle Store with boxes of puzzles lining the entire ceiling.


Remember these old favorites?  Candy cigarettes.  Whoever thought these were a good idea?  But still, they were fun.



How about a five pound gummy bear?


Or a one pound Sugar Daddy?


You could pick up a chocolate girlfriend or boyfriend if you were so inclined.  Alrighty then…


You can find almost any flavor licorice you can think of.


The store also boasts the World’s Largest Soda Collection.  They had quite the assortment of old favorites and many I’ve never heard of.  And some silly ones too with names like Doggy Drool, Kitty Piddle, Zombie Brain Juice and Martian Soda.  The kids got a kick out of the funny names.


Do you remember this old favorite of mine?


If you’re into the current rage of bacon products, this store won’t fail to deliver with products like bacon flavored candy canes, frosting and even bacon peanut butter cups!  Yuk.


In Minnesota, with our cruel winters, you are always in need of some lip shit, er, I mean lip balm.  You can find that here too.


This place was so much fun and I think children and adults would both enjoy visiting.  Everywhere you look there is something different to see.

I felt like a kid in, well, a candy store!  You betcha.

What’s your favorite kind of candy?

Thank you, Great Spirit.

Saturday 9: Summerfling


Welcome to Saturday: 9. What we’ve committed to our readers is that we will post 9 questions every Saturday. Sometimes the post will have a theme, and at other times the questions will be totally unrelated. Those weeks we do “random questions,” so-to-speak. We encourage you to visit other participants posts and leave a comment. Because we don’t have any rules, it is your choice. We hate rules. We love memes, however, and here is today’s meme!


If you’re not familiar with today’s song, you can hear it here.

1) This song refers to the summer breezes and winds of mid-July. Now that July is almost over, how would you describe this month’s weather where you are?  It’s been pretty comfortable, almost perfect weather.  

2) The lyrics mention the “perfect plans.” Do you have plans for today? Or will you just let this summer Saturday unfold?  I goofed up on the date for some plans I was going to do today.  So now I’ll just let the summer Saturday unfold. 

3) This week’s artist, k. d. lang, attended Red Deer Community College in Alberta. Red Deer’s school colors are green, black and silver. What were your school colors?  I didn’t go to college but my high school colors were orange and black.

4) She had a bit part in the 2006 murder mystery The Black Dahlia. Do you enjoy murder mysteries?  Some of them if they aren’t too graphic.  I remember that movie and it creeped me out for quite some time.   

5) Ms. lang is a vegetarian. What’s the last beef, chicken, pork or fish you ate?  I had some fish and chips today at a restaurant we went to.  I’m also a vegetarian but I do eat fish.  According to Wikipedia, I’m a pescetarian. 

6) In 2000, when this song was released, California suffered a series of blackouts. Has your power gone out this summer?   Luckily, no.  We haven’t had any really bad storms so far this summer.   A  couple years ago our power went out for three days.  That sucked. 

7) Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire also came out in 2000. Did you read it?  I have not but I still hope to read the whole series one day. 

8) Which would you rather have on your hot dog: sauerkraut, ketchup/mustard/relish or chili?  If you have a fake hot dog, just mustard.   Otherwise, I’ll pass on the hot dog.  

9) If you had your choice, which would you prefer: new shoes or a new wallet?  New shoes!!!  Definitely.  

Thank you, Great Spirit.