How Do I Have a Teenager?

We had a special celebration this weekend!  I am now the mother of a teenager.  My son was counting down the days until he was no longer “a kid”.  Sorry, son, but you’re still a kid.  And in my eyes you’ll always be my baby.

Since mom hasn’t been feeling too well the last couple weeks, we had a quiet family celebration at home.  Next weekend he’s having a party with his friends and we’re inviting the rest of the family over to celebrate becoming a teenager.


My son loves Tiramisu and that was his cake of choice.  As always, I cut a piece off and put the candles on that piece so no one’s spitting all over the cake before every one else eats it.  :-)


I put flowers on the altar at church in honor of his birthday.  Our pastor announced that we had a new teenager at service and everyone sang Happy Birthday to him.

Let’s hope the teenage years are kind to mom!

Thank you, Great Spirit.

National Pancake Day

Today is National Pancake Day, at least according to IHOP.   This isn’t a sponsored post.  I was just curious about the origin of National Pancake Day and discovered pancakes have also played a role in traditions preceding Lent.  Somehow, IHOP must have adopted this particular date for National Pancake Day.

Apparently, pancakes were commonly eaten by many Christians on Shrove Tuesday, the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, as a way to prepare for Lent by using up dairy products that were forbidden to be eaten during Lent.  Pancakes also go back to Pagan traditions as their round shape symbolized the sun and were eaten to receive power, light and warmth from the sun, celebrating the coming of spring.  Mardi Gras, which means “Fat Tuesday” also originated as a way to prepare for Lent by eating fat, rich foods before the fasting rituals of Lent.


I like pancakes but I don’t LOVE them or crave them very often.  When I do eat pancakes I like them with fruit such as strawberries or blueberries.

I make pancakes at home and will throw in frozen blueberries or chocolate chips or cake decorating sprinkles.  My husband and kids like them with the sweet stuff in them.  My kids then eat them without any syrup which is probably good since they’re already eating extra sugar in the chips and sprinkles.  However, my husband dumps syrup and powdered sugar over his already sugar studded pancakes.  I just cringe watching him prepare his pancakes.

What’s your favorite way to eat pancakes?

Thank you, Great Spirit.

Too Short

I’m exhausted, I feel like crap and I literally can’t function today.  How’s that for a happy Monday?  I try to stay positive but I just can’t do it today.  Staying home and in bed even though there is so much I want to do and have to do.  I hope your week is starting off better!

too short

Thank you, Great Spirit.

Friday Fragments – A Controversy

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Half-Past Kissin' Time

~~Cub Scouts is wrapping up for our home this weekend as my youngest son will become a Boy Scout.  The Blue and Gold ceremony is Sunday, where the Webelos II  scouts (the highest level Cub Scout) cross over to their Boy Scout troop.  They receive their Arrow of Light badges, which is the highest honor badge for Cub Scouts, which will carry over to their Boy Scout uniform.  The Webelos II den leader (me) and parents have to plan the Blue and Gold ceremony.  We’re going to serve tacos and cake, watch a magician and then have the crossing over ceremony.  My role as a den leader will be done!  Yeah!!!

arrow of light

~~My oldest son attended a school organized environmental center trip this week.  Each year,  the 7th graders go up to northern Minnesota for 2 nights and 3 days for learning and fun in the outdoors.  My youngest son will also be going in the spring for a week, as every 5th grader does in our district.  They always have a great time.  Unfortunately, we’ve had a very cold streak this week and the temperature has been hovering around -30 degrees, up north, for the lows.  However, the center is cautious about safety and will shorten activities when needed.  He comes home tonight!  It’s been pretty quiet around here without him.  I know his little brother misses him too.

~~ Have you all seen the debate about the color of the dress?  How weird is that and where the heck did that come from?  The internet is strange.  I totally see yellow and white but could see how the white might look a little blue-ish or black-ish.  What do you see?



~~It’s Girl Scout cookie time!  We have our usual Girl Scouts, daughters of friends, that we buy from.  We usually buy extra and freeze some too.  My favorite is the Trefoil.  I could eat a whole box of these at one sitting!  What’s your favorite?


~~This has been a long ass week.  I’m so ready for the weekend.  Enjoy yours!

~~Now let’s go back to the dress.  Here’s an update someone posted of the dress.  Totally looks blue and black to me here.  I just don’t get it!  Was the first photo purposely altered to create this controversy?


Lindsay Maden

  What colors did you see?

What’s your favorite Girl Scout cookie?

Thank you, Great Spirit.

Doing This Mom Thing Right?

It’s always nice to receive compliments about your kids.  It kind of validates that maybe you’re doing an alright job in raising them.  It’s one thing to get praise on school work, which don’t get me wrong, is always nice to hear.  But it’s a whole other ball game when compliments are given on their character and the type of person they are becoming.

Recently at a school conference for my older son, all of his teachers said they loved having him in class and that he was a great student.  But the best things I heard were how kind and respectful he is and that he’s always willing to help out other students.  The icing on the cake was the teacher who said that he knew exactly who he is and where he’s going and that he chooses his friends wisely.  Wow.  Did that make me feel good.  Who wouldn’t like to hear their child is comfortable with himself?

Last night he was packing for an all-grade school trip to an environmental center for two nights.  As he stuffed his pillow into his bag, I asked him if he wanted me to change his pillowcase from  Spiderman to a plain one.  (He does become a teenager in a week!)  He continued to stuff it in his bag and said, “No, I don’t care what anyone thinks.”  I love that he feels confident with himself and doesn’t feel like he has to be someone else around his peers.  (I noticed the head of his favorite stuffed animal sticking out of his bag too.)    :-)


My younger son is a totally different person than his brother.  In a good way.  He just wants to be his individual self and doesn’t want to be exactly like his big brother.  He does well in school and is also compassionate towards others and respectful.

The school social worker came up to me the other day, while I was working at school, and asked if I would mind if she asked my son (and his two best friends) if they would help with a friendship club she was forming for a few kids who needed some good role models and some friendship.  Another very proud moment for me.  Almost better than a good grade.

I’m not trying to brag about my boys, although of course, I do think they’re pretty special.  😉  I am their mom after all.  But as parents, we all go into it with no manuals and try to navigate parenthood as best as we can.  There aren’t a lot of “thank you’s” and “you’re doing a great job”.  To see and hear about our children becoming caring and respectful young adults is like a pat on the back for mom and dad.

Of course we want them to be well-educated so they can do well for themselves.  But more importantly, our job as parents is to provide them with the skills they need to be productive in the world and be successful at being a compassionate human being who will hopefully strive to make the world around them just a little bit better.  Understanding who they are and how they fit into the world is a great beginning.

It’s this kind of validation that makes me feel like I just might be doing something right with this mom thing.

Thank you, Great Spirit.