Skimming the Froth

As I sit with my cup of frothy morning java, the fragments in my mind float like the froth on the surface of my coffee.

Unlike the froth on my coffee, it’s time to skim off the fragments of the week for Mrs. 4444’s Friday Fragments.


A busy week this was!

Monday and Thursday

~My oldest son had an orchestra concert on Monday.  It was a collaboration of all the district schools in this area.  They all learn the same pieces, but never practice together, and then come together and perform.  Elementary, middle and the high school are all represented.  On Thursday evening, the same idea was repeated with band, which my younger son is part of.  Both evenings, we went out for DQ afterwards, to celebrate their accomplishments.


~Tuesday is always a busy night with speed skating lessons for my youngest followed by piano lessons for both boys.  I can’t wait for speed skating to be over at the end of February so we can get back to our normal schedule.


~I put together a butter braid fundraiser for the 5th grade class at my son’s school, so they could raise funds towards their trip to LEC in May.  LEC stands for Laurentian Environmental Center and every year the 5th graders attend for a week in May.  It’s like an outdoor classroom and they always have a lot of fun.  Wednesday evening I had to be at school for a couple hours so that parents could pick up the butter braids they sold.  It’s a substantial fund raiser for the kids as they earn $4.80 off each $12 butter braid sold.

~Speaking of butter braids, I left one of the office staff’s butter braids on her desk, not realizing she’d already left for the day.  When she got there in the morning, the pastries had risen!  Luckily, the cafeteria cook baked them, so they wouldn’t go to waste, and the staff had butter braids for breakfast!  I felt so bad about my screw up, I ordered her new ones and she’ll get them soon to take home and bake when she really wants to.

~My oldest has confirmation class on Wednesday evenings and this week they took a field trip to Luther Seminary.  This included a buffet style dinner in the seminary cafeteria, which all the kids thought was great.  My son said he enjoyed the evening.


~Finally an evening of rest and relaxation!  Or maybe a little shopping at some places I’ve been wanting to check out?

This Weekend

~On Saturday morning, we have to attend a Quiz Bowl competition, which my oldest son is part of at his school.  This is new to the school this year and the kids are just getting the hang of it.  One of my son’s language arts teachers put the team together.  We attended one a couple weeks ago and there’s some tough competition!  There’s a broad range of questions so you never know what type of subject you’ll get.  It was fun to watch, but I also sat there feeling pretty stupid because I didn’t know a majority of the answers!  Talk about real life “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?” except insert 7th grader!

~Enjoy your weekend!  Stop my Half Past Kissin’ Time for some more Friday Fragments.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

How was your week?  Anything exciting happen?

Thank you, Great Spirit.

Friends Help Write Our Story

As we’ve all experienced, life isn’t always sunshine and butterflies.  We all have our ups and downs, but most of us try to make the best of what we’re given.


Sometimes our past creates attitudes and beliefs we don’t always want.  Issues.  Yeah, we all have them, don’t we?

Me included.  I’ve had my share of issues and problems to work through like depression, grief and alcoholism, to name a few.

But I’ve done the work.  I’m still doing the work.  I’m not ashamed to say I have issues.  A lot of them.

more issues than vogue

Shirt is from Etsy, shop name twitee.

Some of my issues have stuck with me.  Luckily, so have several friends I’ve had since childhood.  They know every. single. one. of my imperfections.  But they love me anyway.


My friends have walked with me through the hardest times of my life and jumped up and down with me through my greatest moments.

My friends have given and given, more than I deserve.  And I am forever grateful.

give and receive

I wouldn’t be who I am today without my friends.

a best friend

Thank you, Great Spirit.

This post was inspired by a prompt from Mama Kat’s Pretty Much World Famous Writer’s Workshop.  The prompt I chose was, “Share the last five items you pinned, choose one and let it inspire a blog post.”  The last quote about “friends” was the one that inspired this post.

Mama’s Losin’ It

Real Women Working Out

I think many women don’t get out and workout because of fear of being judged on how they look.

If I see a woman who is out there struggling, red-faced and sweaty with some extra pounds, my first thought is, “You go girl!”  At least they’re out there trying.  We all have to start somewhere and even the fittest person started at a not-so-fit point.  It’s difficult for everyone but eventually it gets easier.  And you eventual get fit and healthier.

I saw this article for an ad from the UK.  More ads should show real women struggling to get fit.


Clip from the video, “This Girl Can”.

You can see the article and video clip here, from Take Part, titled, “Why Everyone’s Going Wild for this Clip of Women Working Out”. 


Does this inspire you?

Thank you, Great Spirit.

Chili and the Ten Commandments?

These were taken back in August when we went up to Duluth, Minnesota for an afternoon.  All the times I’ve been there, I never noticed this.  I thought it’d be a good Sundays in My City for well, uh, Sunday.

I remembered it because suddenly I had to come up with a craft idea for the Sunday School kids because of someone being out ill.  One Sunday a month, we gather all the kids together for “Sunday’s Cool” and do some sort of project and have a snack while all the kids enjoy socializing together.  Since last Sunday was about the Ten Commandments, I went to my favorite place, Pinterest, and found some good ideas.

The church is also having their Annual Meeting.  The Youth group (my oldest is in this group) host a chili dinner before the Annual Meeting.  The person who is out ill, was also supposed to help with making the chili with her daughter, the leader of the Youth group.  When I was talking to one my Sunday School teachers about the change in plans for tomorrow, I found out they could probably use some help, so I’m going in early to help make chili.  Chili is one thing that I DO know how to make!

It’s going to be a busy morning and early afternoon at church!


And this is the history behind this monument.


Sundays in My City with Unknown Mami.

Unknown Mami




Thank you, Great Spirit.

“Kids Say the Darndest Things”

You’ve heard the expression, “Kids say the darndest things.”.  Every parent will amass a list of funny things their kids have said.

My husband is a super hero fan.  He and the kids have seen most of the animated super hero series’ and now we see all the movies too.

One day in the car, when the kids were much younger, the boys were having a little conversation between themselves in the back seat.  I love listening to their conversations and what is important, funny or serious to them!  All of a sudden I think I hear my youngest baby say something I couldn’t believe.

So I nonchalantly ask, “What did you just say?”

He innocently responds back to me, “What the hell is that?”

I ask him where he heard the word “hell” used like that.

He proceeds to tell me that they say it all the time on “Spiderman”.

I was trying not to laugh because it was so innocent but I had to explain to him that word is not really one we should use.

Sometimes they just say words in a context I find amusing and sometimes I’m just surprised they even know a certain word.  Like I said, it’s entertaining, and educational, what I hear from their conversations.

stuffed dog

The other night my youngest son was cuddled up with his stuffed dog in my room.  Suddenly he turned around, placed stuffed dog behind his back and turned back around to try and sleep.  I asked him why he put stuffed dog behind him?

His response was, “We’re not on speaking terms anymore.”

“Why?”, I wondered out loud.

“Because he was being mean.”, he responded seriously.

“Oh.”, was mom’s articulate response.

A few seconds later he turns around and grabs stuffed dog and cuddles with him.  “Did you forgive him?”, asks mom.


And all was right in the world. 

Thank you, Great Spirit.   

(This post is in response to a prompt where we end our post with “And all was right in the world.”)   Easy Fix from The Daily Post.

You CAN Teach an Old Dog New Tricks!

So much for my blog planner.  I haven’t been planning ahead like I was hoping to.

The water challenge has gone by the way side too.

And the ab challenge.

Ho hum.  **sigh**

But I am still running!  At least I’m sticking to one thing.

When I started running a long time ago, there weren’t all these tracking gadgets like there are today.  I used a watch that clocked my time for each mile, when I pressed the button after each mile.  I had to map my routes by driving the route or riding my bike with my odometer on it.  Garmins were just starting to get popular.

I belong to a Facebook group that a friend set up for all of us trying to get fit.  We do some runs together, we can post information about healthy foods and exercise and we help to motivate and keep each other somewhat accountable.  We’re also a sounding board for anyone that needs to vent their frustration with their progress or share their successes.  It’s been really motivating.

A couple of the girls use running apps like, MapMyRun or RunKeeper, and will post the app results after runs.  I’ve never used one of these apps because I’m still a little old school.  One day I went on a run and posted my old school results.


I decided to try MapMyRun, but every time I tried to use it, my phone would get locked up.  Remember now, I have a smartphone, but it’s also with TracFone, a pay-as-you-go service.  So probably not the most high end smart phone.

I uninstalled MapMyRun and installed RunKeeper.  I’ve had better luck with it although it has locked up a couple times.  It’s super cool the kind of information it tracks.  I also like that you can map out your own route and it will give you the distance.  To you younger folks out there, this is probably nothing new to you and you’re probably wondering what the hell I’m doing blogging about something so…every day…for you.   Then just take another look at my old school mapping system and remember where I’m coming from.

I’ve still been trying to log my food into MyFitnessPal, most days.  I connected the two apps and they share information.

I’ve also discovered some new running gear.  These are the coolest things ever!  It’s always been a little scary running in the winter, not knowing when you’ll hit some ice.  These things make running a whole lot easier and safer.  They’re called Yak Trax and I can’t believe I never heard of them before.




The next best piece of equipment I’ve been using is a small light that clips onto the brim of my hat.  Now I can actually see the ground in front of me when it’s dark early during the winter months.


Amaze-balls!  Two simple little gadgets that make the world of difference.

Have you discovered any new gadgets recently that impressed you?

Thank you, Great Spirit.